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Strange Cat Cough + Movie

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For the last couple of month our cat started to cough
our vet initially thought it is a cat's hairball and he gave us a treatment for that,
unfortunately the cough didn't stop but continue stronger
our vet said that he never saw this kind of cough and he doesn't know what to give him..
before we are going to do an Xray on his lungs i am posting a little movie of gary (the cat) with his strange cough so someone could recognize it and tell me what's his problem
does anyone familiar with this king of phenomenon?


the cough movie:
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Poor baby. That looks like it's no fun. Stan had a cough kind of like that for a little while, but I don't remember him ever coughing as long as in your video. Turns out he had bartonella and was given a three week course of azithromycin.

Is his cough productive or dry? Stan's cough was mostly dry, although he did sneeze a lot and he probably swallowed anything he brought up.
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At first this sounded a lot like my Misty when she is trying to cough up a hair ball but it doesn't last as long as your kitty. I didn't see anything come up, does any liquid come up at all or vomit?? If this vet can't help you, I would take him to another, shouldn't keep this up too long, did x-rays show anything or were any taken. That might be the next thing to do, see if there is anything stuck in his belly, good luck to you.
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Poor little guy! he is such a sweetie. I would second the suggestion to have another vet see him. My Seb had a bout with coughing/sneezing but his was more from the chest. The vet wasn't sure, thought it may have been a cold and gave him anitbiotics just in case.

I feel, in Seb's case, it was brought on by the change in weather. About the time my allergies started making me sneeze and cough, it started with him.

It could be a variety of things for Gary. The only sure way is to go to a vet who is willing to work with you to find the cause. X-way would be a good start to rule out any type of blockage.

So sorry he has to suffer this way. It has to be hard on you to watch it. Please keep us informed on what you find out!
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Has the vet seen the video yet?

I think you should get the xrays done.

I too have a cat that coughs occasionally...but it doesn't sound like that. My Precious has a heart condition and has some shortness of breath and coughing sometimes, but hers is a very "hollow" sounding non productive cough. Occasionally I can hear a little squeaking noise from some fluid but it's usually a dry hollow sound.
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I agree that you need to have x-rays taken and if your vet can't find anything, then get a second opinion.

I have a couple of cats who have coughed a lot like what I saw in the video. One of them was diagnosed with asthma and the other one just had an upper respiratory infection.

I really would get an x-ray of Gary . . . poor little guy.
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Starts out sounding like a hairball cough and then turns really wheezy towards the end. I think the X-rays are a good idea.
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the cough is very productive and dry with no sneezing
gary doesn't vomit at all.
the vet checked his lungs with statoscope and saw that they are clear.
it's definatly not a hairball and not a change in weather allergies (it's started with a little cough 3 month ago! - and is getting worse by the minute)
Gary also received antibiotics for his gingivitis- 2 weeks ago (also good for respiratory infection), so we'll wait couple of days before taking the x-ray.

I am going to take him to another vet and X-Ray will propably be the next step, but i thouoght someone could have seen this phenomenon.. gary is suffering alot ..
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How old is he? If he's young and has problems with his teeth, that also makes me think there's an underlying viral or bacterial condition causing his cough.

Has he had any bloodwork?
Does he have any other URI symptoms, or did he?
Was he a shelter/rescue cat?
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he is young (2 years old), no bloodwork, no URI symptoms
and he is a rescu cat indeed.
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I didn't watch the video, but as someone stated a cough can be a heart condition. Also, I don't know where you are located, but did he ever have a heart worm test? It's rare, but cats do ocasionally get heart worm.
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