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Cat sitters

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I had all the time in the world to think of a solution for this and suddenly the date is almost here.

I am moving on june 1st and will be taking the cats with me. But I won't be moving in to the new place until mid june or july and my parents won't let me take all three cats for the few weeks I'll be staying with them, epecially since for the first week I will be in quebec for DH's graduation. I was just going to have someone come to the apartment and feed and take care of the little one's, but I won't have the apartment anymore.

I need somewhere to take the cats and I am wondering what will be the best solution because it will be a lot of moving around for them, and possibly separation. They will be going from the apartment to their temporary home from May 29th to June 2nd. And then I might be able to convince my mom to let me keep all of them at their house until we move to the new place in Fredericton as long as I stay home with them all day.

How can I make all the moving easy on them?
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I have a niece that lives in Moncton and she doesn't have any kitties right now (her last 2 passed away at very very ripe old ages). She adores cats so much that she's reluctant to get another because she is so sensitive and cares so deeply. She is 45 years old and very reliable. She does not work outside the home and is home all day. She may be able to help you out. (I'm volunteering on her behalf without even talking to her so don't take my offer as a sure thing - I'd have to call her and talk to her about it.)

PM me if you are interested.
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I don't know how I would get them up there. I'm in NS right now, we're moving to Freddy in june/july. Well, hubby has to go right away because he starts work right away after his graduation. But he will be living on the base for awhile until we get settled.

I love my kitties, but this is the first time ever that I wished I had only one. My friend will take Spook, because it's kind of her cat too. I need someone to take the kids for a little while. And I want to keep the kids together because the seperation would be harder on them, no?

My mom isn't helping by saying I should just take them to the shelter. it's so fustrating.
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Sounds like you need to find a good boarding cattery - and quick!

Tbh, I wouldn't try to find them a temporary home and take them from there to your parents and then move them from your parents to your new home if you can avoid it. I'd try to find one place where they can go and stay until they can move into their new home with you.
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Well, it's sad. I may have to seperate them all, but they won't worry about moving around too much and it will be a happy reunion.

My mom convinced my father that having Spooky around the house wouldn't be so bad.

My sister said she'll take one of the kids (maybe even both, but only if my friend can't take one)

So they will stay with their respective foster parents for a week or so and then make the move to the small city.
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