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Willow my cat who was having the stomache problems.

Well yesterday we kept her on the porch because she loves it out there and she is an indoor cat. So we kept her out there while we went somewhere for about an hour or hour and a half.

So my mother went on the porch and smelt some poop. And on the floor was A big pile of poo looked like diaherra so we didn't think much of it. So today she goes into the litter box and goes poop and it's all over her butt in her hair so we put her on the porch and cleaned up. Then about a half hour ago she went again and now she is going AGAIN! It's diaherra.

HELP! what is wrong with her? It smells bad too! All she eats is salmon and tuna (separate) canned food.

Please reply ASAP
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is she just having bowel problems or is she throwing up too? if it is just Diareah it could be several causes such as change in diet, stress or medical conditions like giardiasis (Beaver Fever) has she been drinking any stagnant water lately?
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You say she is an indoor cat, but let her out on the porch. Is there anything on the porch that she could have gotten into and eaten?

If her diarrhea is that bad, I'd definitely take her to see a vet. She will likely dehydrate and will need plenty of fluids to replace what she is losing through the diarrhea. If you could get a "fresh" sample of her poo before taking her to the vet that would be helpful for them as well. Sounds like kitty is feeling pretty bad.
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