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In memory of Keelee....You are missed

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This is in memory of Keelee a beautiful siamese cat I rescued from a breeder who did not treat her very well. She was indeed full-blooded but was not your typical siamese cat. She didn't talk much but boy she was a lover. In her previous home she was kept in a small 2ft.x 3ft. cage untill it was time to breed her then she was placed back in the cage untill she delivered. Her and her kittens were kept in this cage and eventually the kittens were sold. Her whole life was spent in this cage untill she came to live with me. I was told she had a clean bill of health and when her yearly shots would next be due. Well the time came to get her shots and she was not doing well. She normally love to be petted and held but now it obviously caused her great pain. I explained this to the vet and he ran some tests only to discover she was in the advanced stages of FeLv. My heart was broken!! I decided that I didn't want her to suffer anymore and had the vet put her down. I had her for 9 wonderful months and it was alittle easier knowing that those last 9 months of her life she lived in cage free comfort and was cherished.

I know she died a happy cat but I miss her greatly. I know that one day we will be reunited in heaven and I look forward to that day.

Keelee, we love and miss you. We know you look down from heaven upon us. Untill we meet again.
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Kyttin, Thank God you rescued Keelee from that kind of life. I too have Siamese cats, and love them dearly. That breeder didn't love cats; she loved money. She was not what I would consider a reputable breeder. It is such a shame that Keelee didn't find you sooner, but you gave her months of joy. Have you read the poem about the Rainbow Bridge? It's a lovely thought, and is printed at the top of this page. I'm so glad you told us about your precious cat, and I too believe you will see her again. God bless and give you only the happiest memories.
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You did a wonderful thing when you rescued Keelee from the horrible conditions the breeder kept her in. During her last nine months, Keelee had a good home and finally knew what it meant to be loved and wanted. My thoughts are with you.
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Kyttin - that is a lovely and touching testament to your love for poor Keelee. Thanks for giving her those few months of love and comfort. I'm sure she greatly appreciated it.
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aw...this forum always makes me cry. But it's always such a wonderful cry - because it's always so full of love and life, for that is what we celebrate in death. But this is truly heartbreaking. I believe you'll be reunited with Keelee, too. I'm so glad you rescued her and that she got to know true love before she passed on - that she was set free before she was "set free." Many hugs and much love to you,

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