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In 48 hours it will be 2 years since you past ... Since last time you got Ben ( You know him by a different name) and Gigi ( I know she is better off but daily I dont think I am) ... Zoey would make you proud , she is the queen of the house and learning how to run it . She is now five and barely resembles that teenager that came home to you and Gigi . Not a shock to you but there are 5 kitties here now ... ASK Gigi shell give better details ... Zoey you know... Sylvie the little genius ... Pj "my boyfriend" .. Punky the clown and Dahlia the work in progress..
I miss you everyday but know that you , Mom , Ben and Gigi are all out of pain
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What a loving remembrance Jennifer.

Always in your heart...Kandie
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I am so sorry R.I.P Kandie
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On Kandie's anniversary

They are never forgotten
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Awww I've never had the chance to say I'm sorry. Thinking of you!
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{{{{{{{Jennifer & Kandie}}}}}}}}}}}

Jennifer, what a sweet anniversary message for Kandie!

I'm glad subscriptions to topics never lapse and I got an email about your new post here. I'm praying you'll have a lovely dream visit from Kandie or some very special sign to help comfort you on this anniversary. Your furangel is always watching over you -- all those years of love are never forgotten.

You're right that we miss them every day, even when we know they're safe on the other side, and no longer in pain. Earlier this year it was 6 years since my Sinbad left, then 4 years since Tiger left, and this August my little Frosty will have been at the Bridge a year, having crossed over 2 months before what would have been her 17th birthday. (The caregiving has been so complicated offline I haven't had a chance to change my sig image -- I have a rescued feral kitten now, too -- or do a memorial page for Frosty yet.) I miss all of them every day. I'll never stop missing them.

But we all have reunions with our furangels and human loved ones to look forward to. These are only temporary separations. And it helps so much to picture our loved ones young and healthy again, and very happy, in a setting more beautiful than any on Earth -- that is their reality now.

Happy Bridgeday, Kandie! You'll be celebrating at Rainbow Bridge, and my kids will be there. Sinbad always likes to bring sausage, cheese and catnip pizza to parties -- I hope you'll like it. And I hope you'll be able to visit Jennifer in the sweetest dream, and let her cuddle you and hear you purr again, music to her ears.


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RIP Kandie. Sharky, I'm sending you a hug.
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