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I am so sick

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I have the worst cold right now. My nose wont stop running, my eyes are watering, I have been sneezing a lot, my throat is sore and I just all around feel horrible. I can barely even pick up the cats because I am so weak from being sick and they feel like they weigh 100 pounds. This totally came out of nowhere too. It started with a bit of a sore throat which I figured was because I was sitting in front of a camp fire on Sunday and the smoke was going in my direction for a while. The sore throat got worse and then I started sneezing and then everything else started.

My boyfriend has been so great the last couple days. He has been getting me like everything I need. Today I am alone until 9:30 though.

Does anyone know any way to get rid of a cold? I have been taking daytime medicine and my boyfriend is going to bring me home nyquil tonight. The daytime stuff is not working at all.
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Fill a large bowl with boiling water to which you add some Vicks vapor rub. Put a towel over your head and breath in the steam. Do this every hour and you will soon start to feel better (or at least breath easier). Other than that, take 2 aspirins every 4 hours and get tons of rest.

For your sore throat, gargle with cayene pepper and warm water (about 1 Tbsp of cayene per 1 cup of water). It will sting a bit at first, but do this every 15 minutes and your sore throat should be gone soon.
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I feel for you. Just try to sleep it off - hopefully it will pass quickly.
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Sleep and eat some soup. DayQuill is okay too but even though it's non-drowsey it still makes me a little sleepy. Sleep is what you need let your body reboot.
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Take zinc and vitamin c. Those are the two main vitamins/minerals that your body uses to replenish the cells that are fighting off your cold...or something (I did read why it works somewhere and then promptly forgot it)... anyway, those are the two things to take. Drink lots of water, get lots of rest..and for sore throats I always use gargling with warm salt water. (Or drinking a shot of 151, and let it sit on your throat for as long as you can stand it... which works in more than one way) Alcohol kills the bacteria in your throat.. and by gosh, if it doesn't, 151 will make ya just not care!
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I hope you feel better...colds suck
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A nice hot cup of apple spice tea, a couple of dristan and a nice long nap . Hang in there and I hope you are feeling better soon...
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Thanks for your suggestions everyone. I have been sleeping on and off all day and taking dayquil. I got some nyquil so soon I am going to take some and go to bed. I have riccola and fishermens friends for my sore throat which are working pretty good. My throat really only hurts right after I sneeze.
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I hope by now you are feeling better and the cold has eased up.
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No further suggestions but I hope you start to feel better soon..
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Ohhhh you poor chicken Colds are horrid!
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Nothing more annoying than a summer cold

Hope you feel better soon. Get lots and lots of rest and liquids.
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I am feeling a bit better today. My nose isn't as plugged up but my throat is killing me. I got a good sleep though after taking nyquil.
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