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Tomarrow is my moms surgery

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And I think I am more nervous than her Her surgery isnt until 11:30 and we got to be there at 9:45 so that isnt bad But we are currently cleaning the house and I still have 2 weeks to get caught up on school work and help out and go to the hospital and take care of the house

But can you guys please spare some good vibes and quick recovery vibes
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I will send healthy vibes her way. I hope everything goes well and I wish her a speedy recovery!
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Many prayers and get better quick vibes for your Mom...Everything will be fine And your a good daughter to help out
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Tons of {{{vibes}}} for your mom!!
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Good luck and good karma!!
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Sending have a great surgury vibes that way.
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I will keep you and your mom in my prayers!!! I hope all goes well
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{{good surgery and recovery}} vibes, and like Helen said, you are a good daughter for helping out.
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Lots of (((((healthy and recovery vibes))))) for your mum, and let us know how things go.
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Thanx everyone, and I will be her "slave" for the next few weeks once she comes home And also I get to do everything, clean, fold the clothes, and cook once she does come home I am now not going on vacation as well which was scheduled for the 19th I think of June (my brothers treat and of course I would be stuck babysitting most of the time but still a free vaca) And well i told my SIL he just better hope my mom is up and walking and able to get out of bed on her own by then or he wasted money paying for me! I am thinking of ordering some food tonite, I am exhausted, she had to go to work today and I went with her, well on the way to the next place I slept in the car then came home and cleaned, now waiting for her to stop slacking and get back to work I did my chores and she hasnt done hers yet I will be sure to keep you all updated as well (hoping they have a computer there, when my dad got operated on there was a computer lol so hopefully this hospital has one too )

Also I really appreciated all the vibes and prayers I am so nervous and freaking out more than her What can I say I worry! She also appreciates all of the vibes and prayers
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She will be in my prayers.
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I'm so glad the surgery is finally getting done! I'll be sending good thoughts for a clean bill of health and an easy recovery...

Y'know... you might think I'm wacky, but let me just say... when my mom had this kind of very deep invasive surgery, the pain afterward was truly overwhelming to her, and I found that it helped her a lot when I used some guided imagery to talk her through each wave of pain. If you'd like to try that with your mom, please PM me... I'll be glad to explain exactly what I did.
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Sending vibes for your mom's surgery and for you.
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How did you mom's surgery go?
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Many good thoughts and vibes to u and your mom!!
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Originally Posted by Crazyforinfo View Post
How did you mom's surgery go?
I think she posted another thread with the results of her mom's surgery..... Here...

and here
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