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Thanksgiving Thread

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Since Thanksgiving is only a couple of days away, I thought it might be nice to have a thread where we could tell each other what we are thankful for this year.

Here are a few of mine:
My home
My job
My health
My family and friends. My dad had a very serious operation just a couple of weeks ago, and I am especially thankful that he is still here with us.
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What a wonderful idea!

I am thankful for:

Jake (my hubby)
Gabe (my precious son)
My family
Just being alive
Life itself
My friends who have been so good to me
And all the great people here who have been very good!

Kellye (c:
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My life, because although full of activity it is quiet and peaceful here.

My friends, and you know who you are. It is wonderful to have such a broad base of friendship available over the Internet.

My husband and his endless patience he bestows to me every time I bring a new kitty into the house.

My horses for grounding me and giving me center and great horse hugs

My parents and their health. With Mike's mom deteriorating so rapidly (she is 96) I am so grateful that my mother and dad are doing well health wise.

To Anne and this board and to everyone here who shares their knowledge and kindness so extensively.
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Bill, who loves me even when he doesn't understand me.
My parents, still hanging in there.
Mark, who's grown into a responsible adult.
Opie, Rowdy, Ike and our, to date, nameless puppy.
My safe,warm, comfy house.
Katey, my best friend, who DOES understand me.
All of my friends, here. I have trust issues and this place is safe.
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Great idea, Lorie. This is why we have Thanksgiving!

I am so thankful for:

The health of my family
Animals, especially my cats and collie
The absolute majesty of nature
Music, created to give the heart a voice (not my original thought!)
Flowers-a special thanks, because their purpose is to give joy.
Books to teach and entertain
Curiosity, which enables us to learn about this beautiful world.
Freedom to believe and live the best lives we can
The goodness of many people
God's love, without which we would have none of the above.
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I am thankful for:

having a house & a job that I actually like
my hubby
our cats
my health
having food on our table every day
the few friends that I have
being able to get out of our debt
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I think Thanksgiving is such a lovely celebration and I really wish we had it in the UK. It's nice to be able to reflect and give thanks (to whichever God) for the good things.

I'd like to add my list if I may:

1. My lovely husband who is make a concerted effort to understand me
2. My Mother who I appreciate more and more as I get older and who is my best friend.
3. My beautiful cats that really give me purpose and have taught me about selfless love.
4. My senses. The ability to see, smell and experience the world around me. I never cease to wonder at what a beautiful world we live in and also why so many people can't or choose not to, see it.
5. Beauty. Of every sort. Be that art, music, poetry, prose, nature, friendship.
6. My health. Which hasn't always been good. But thank God is at the moment.
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Thanks Yola!!! Everyone is welcome to post here!
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2 wonderful childern
6 beautful grandchilden
husband of 29 years
happy son has not been call uped to services his country.
my 5 siamese cats!!
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I'm thankful for:

Family and friends
Trent and Ophelia who give me so much joy and happiness
A good job that I like (and that I have a job at all)
That I have a roof over my head, clothes on my body and food in my stomach.
The beauty of everything, if you only look to see it
The Cat Site, which has given me so many friends who I never would have met without it.
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I am thankful and honored for:

My children (Juliana and Andrew) even though they make me nuts totaly at times!

That I live in the USA

My job

My family, and friends.

My life in general, that I can choose to practice a belief or not.

My freedom to speak what I feel

my car

Last but not least, each and everyone of you. Though we may never face to face and we live differently, and from many cultures. I am truely honored to be apart of your life.

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What am I thankful for?

Freedom of speech, freedom of thought and freedom of religion
My Dad and his continuing good health (we almost lost him to heart failure a few years ago)
My brother for becoming my friend as we've gotten older, and my sister-in-law for marrying him
Ivo and the other animals I've been blessed to share my life with (and even the greedy pigeons I feed)
A job that, on most occasions, satisfies everything I need and want in a job
My friends, both face-to-face and cyber. It has been a really wonderful experience to meet so many interesting and wonderful experience here and feel safe (I'm really shy, believe it or not!)
My apartment, because it's finally feeling like home.

I'm sure there's more, but I can't think of more right now!

Have a happy Thanksgiving!!!!!
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I am thankful for :
the people on this site who inform me, entertain me, cajole me and generally keep me sane.

My family
My cats
My job
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Things that I am thankful for:

My husband
My family
My friends
My job
My condo
The many opportunities that we have in life

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My list:

my family
this site
good friends
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What a lovely idea, Lorie! Thanks! (oops - I just realized I made a funny - LOL!)

I'm thankful Gary looked me up after 12 years...and I'm thankful for this incredible life we share together.
I'm thankful for our wonderful, very cozy (!) home.
I'm thankful for our health, and that we both have both of our parents still - and that our families are healthy (except his sister, who, thankfully, is hanging in there).
I'm thankful for the wonderful and amazing things I've seen and done in my life.
I'm thankful for all the opportunities I've had, created, and have.
I'm SO thankful that I have a job!
I'm thankful that I'm a U.S. citizen (even though there are many wonderful countries on our little earth!), and that I can say what I want, write what I want and express myself in any way that I want.
I am thankful for life and its expressions, period.
I am thankful for The Cat Site, ALL the people here, my new friends, my faceless friends, and what for me has been a wonderful place and a wonderful space!
I am thankful for the Human Spirit and it's miracles!
...and I am SO thankful for ALL of my furbabies and purrrrrrbabies - both inside and outside.
And I'm thankful for those people who WILL be adopting our outside kitties, even though they haven't contacted us yet!
I am thankful for hope.
and warm sunny days, trees blowing in the wind, sandy beaches and babbling brooks!
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That was beautiful Laurie!
There are so many many things I am thankful for...but just to name a few...

My family (and new beautiful baby)
My friends
My home
The Catsite and all the wonderful friends I have made here
My job (such as it is)
Being able to pay the bills and keep food on the table and clothing on our backs
Freedom of speech and religion
My belief and relationship with God
My cats (especially my Merlin)
My dog Scruffy and my other small pets
Time online

I know I am forgetting some very important ones, but those are the ones that come to mind!
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