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Obit in the paper today

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Someone put an obituary in today's paper for their beloved dog!

It is so sweet!

I cut off the end as it had the family's name. She will be cremated & there will be a memorial service for her when the daughter returns from being stationed on a ship in the Gulf.
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I think that's lovely, what a great tribute to what seemed to be a wonderful doggy.
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Oh that's really cool! I'm surprised the newspaper would put that in though ? Hmmmm..

thanks for sharing!
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What a lovely tribute!
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Aww, that's lovely.
I would think the newspaper would be happy to print it as long as they get paid!
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That is really sweet My heart goes out to that family- it's soo hard to loose a beloved pet.
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This newspaper is well known for printing dumb things. It's a running joke. Take, for instance, the police reports. There was one report of 30,000 people being pricks at a city-wide party. A) there aren't even that many people in this county & B)
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Oh how sweet is that! Makes me wanna cry!
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wow that is an idea
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That's a wonderful way to memorialize a beloved critter. I hope it becomes a common thing!

At the shelter where I volunteer, we have a program that allows you to have a brick in our front walkway engraved with a memorial to your pet for a donation of $75. But one fellow got really creative: his girlfriend was a devoted volunteer for the shelter, so he had a brick engraved "Becky / Marry Me / James" and placed right in the middle of the walk where she couldn't miss it!
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I would have totally done that for Bella if that was available how sweet that is AWWWWWWWWWWW
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