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How Sweet!!!

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Hehe, Whiskey (our Carolina Dog) would like to announce that he is the proud papa of a little dilute tortishell kitten named Fancy Hehe Whiskey is sitting up here on the couch with me and miss fancy pants and Fancy just adores him!!!! She's keeps trying to snuggle with him. lol little whiskey is confused, he can't decide if he's supposed to eat her or give her kisses. I keep reminding him to give her kisses Sooo sweet!! I will try to snap some pictures later today! She's doing very well (she recently lost 3 of her litter mates when they passed on). She's eating very well and is getting quite spoiled! I've been carrying her around everywhere and really trying to socialize her well Whiskey and Fosters just love her to pieces They're always trying to bathe her! It's soo sweet!!
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Awww sounds adorable, hope you can get some photos soon
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aww that's adorable!
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It was really cute! Little Fancy pants is slowly taking over this house as resident princess kitten She's rotten already! Jasmine just thinks she's the sweetest thing- she grooms her and treats her like she's her own kitten. (it's cute too because of their colors- jasmine is a torti-point siamese and fancy is a dilute tortishell- so it's cute to watch them together!) i'll have to snap some pictures later!
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I'll be waiting for those pics! She sounds just too cute for words!
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