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Got my birthday present early!

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Bill and I went to WalMart, this afternoon. This was supposed to be a dog food run and pick up incidentals.

Bill had planned to buy me a jewelry armoire but, was unsure about style and wood. It just so happened, they were on sale, just the style that I like AND in oak, like the rest of our furniture.

It is, now assembled and in place, ready to be filled with all of my odds and ends of jewelry. No more kitties making off with my bits and pieces. Luckily, I keep the good stuff in my dresser.

I have wanted one of these, for years. My ex never quite caught on but, Bill is a little quicker on the uptake. I think that, for Christmas, there is going to be a little something to put in it, too.

For a guy who claims not to have a clue, Bill has been bang on, with every gift: amethysts, chocolates, roses, cats and the warm purple robe. This one is a keeper!
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You've really bot Bill wrapped around your little finger, don't you? Definitely one to hold on to Cindy!
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Lucky you! There's nothing like a man who knows how to buy a good present!
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Those things are great! I have been dropping hints that I need one of those! Bill sounds like a really great guy. It seems he's always doing something nice. You are lucky to have found each other. Oh, yeah, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
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It's great and so rare when a man instinctively knows what to get you. Some have to work harder than others at working out what you really like, but I like the idea that they've taken time to think about you and decide to get something that you really like.

Bill sounds like a dream man Cindy - lucky you!
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Lucky you I have to tell mine what I want then he gets it!
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Wel-l-l, I DO drop oh-so-subtle hints. When we're out at the stores, I stop and carefully check out certain items. Bill makes mental notes of the things that catch my eye and voila! they show up, gift wrapped.
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Way Cool! Sounds like a considerate guy. My boyfriend stressed out so much before my birthday, he almost made himself sick. He did well too. He bought me the cutest little collectible kitty. Christmas should be a breeze for him now; just add to the collection. Hope he thinks of it!

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Managed to get some pix. Rowdy thinks that its a pedestal for her but, she's napping, right now.
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Here it is, opened.
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Oh Cindy - how wonderful! I didn't see this post before the DT - so now I get it!!!! D'oh!

Have fun! ...and Kick Rowdy outta there - that's YOURS!

...and I agree - he's a keeper!
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Your so lucky! I'm still waiting for my boyfriend to get me something for my birthday (it was the 17th). Some girls have all the luck!
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Wow! That is just beautiful! That was so nice of Bill! What a great guy!
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