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Ears - Is this normal?

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Something that has had me wondering since I adopted my cat is her ears. There are distinct notches on the outer edges of her ears but they almost don't look natural. They look almost like the ears where cut somehow and the bottom edges where turned inward. Is this natural or could it have been something that was done to her before I adopted her?

I am just curious more than anything as she is a wonderful cat and we get along great. It just makes me wonder what the situation was before she was in the shelter as they did not have much info.

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First may I say Greta is adorable, and yes I think it's normal, my cats have that
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All cats ears look that way - its perfectly normal I agree it does look a little weird. When you clean them, be sure to get that little "pocket" too with the q-tip
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I freaked out too the first time I noticed that with our baby Leya....Then I looked around at other cats and noticed they had the same weird ears. Leya is a short hair and Enzo is medium, it's much easier to notice on short hairs.
I have always wondered why though, does it somehow help with hearing? Does anyone know????
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Every cat I've ever seen has had this... it's normal!!
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You have a beautiful girl there, and yes, her ear notches are perfectly normal.
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I'm guessing the ear notches make it easier for them to twist their ears outwards? I think they're really cute
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Oh what a pretty face! And I love her green eyes!!
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lol I had a similar reaction when I first saw Gizmo. I was a little freaked when I first noticed, not having owned a cat before, but I soon came to learn in perfectly normal.
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Clean their ears? Now that is an idea... Mind giving me a few pointers on that or even where to start? (i know with a qtip ;p)
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Perfectly normal - I have 2 cats with large ears and those notches are very noticeable, Sonic catches his on my nose when he headbuts my face which is a bit weird
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i, too, could use some advice when it comes to cleaning their ears. i don't know the first thing about how to do it. but i have noticed that their ears are kinda ucky. btw, do their ears really, truly need to be cleaned?
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