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I felt like a dummy!

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I pulled into Wal-Mart yesterday, and there was the most pitiful looking yellow tabby lying between 2 cars. He was all greasy and dirty, but he was chubby, like he had been a pet that someone had thrown out. He sure didn't look like he was used to fending for himself. I put some food down for him, and talked to him for a few minutes. He let me scratch his head, then he put a few feet between us and meowed at me like he had something to say. I went back last night, and he was still in the same spot, which led me to believe he was waiting for someone to come back for him. I fed him again, and he hung out with me for a few minutes. He was in the same spot today, so I got permission to put down a humane trap for him. I went to Petsmart to try to find out about a trap. The rescue lady asked me if it was a yellow tabby. She said he has been living in the parking lot for over a year, and all the Wal-mart employees feed him, and a lot of the customers. He has bitten 8 people! They even got a professional trapper to try to catch him, and couldn't. There was an article in yesterday's paper about him, because he had bitten a pet rescue worker. I guess he will be fine. Apparently everybody in town feeds stray cats. I guess it could be worse!
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Sounds like kitty has it pretty good for being a stray! You live in a pretty caring town from the sounds of it.
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This little guy even has a fuzzy bed in the lawn and garden department. That part closes at night and he slips under the fence and goes inside.
There aren't a lot of skinny ferals here. I put down food for a bunch of them that live in an abandoned hotel close to me. There is always food there, and the cats look healthy. The police department is right across the street from there, and I think they feed them, too, and the used car people, and the Cheese steak place, and several others.
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Don't feel dumb, krazykat, feel proud that you made an effort for an animal.
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Yeah, it still counts a sa good deed.
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Well that explains the chubbiness then!!

I've done that a few times, I always feel bad for the cats. There was one at a place I used to work, who had hung out there and the hotel next door for about a year, when I finally decided to try and trap him, since he was so well behaved... he never came back. Or at least I never saw him again.
I even named him... Tonto... *sniff*

It's so good that you were kind to him anyway. Maybe you can visit him whenever you go to walmart, I'm sure he'd like it.
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