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Whisker pulled out

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I was wondering if it harms a cat in any way to have a whisker pulled out. A little while ago, I turned around to see something dangling from Tyran's face. she had found a piece of packing tale that I had left on the counter and I guess was playing with it and it folded around one of her whiskers. So here she was walking around with a large piece of tape dangling from her whisker. I took her over to some light, flipped her over so she wouldn't run away (holding her like a baby) and proceeded to try to get the tape off her whisker. I was almost done when she jerked her face away and out came the whisker.
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I think it probably is a little painful, but since I find whiskers on my floor all the time I'm not sure it does them any harm.
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She will be fine and it will grow back...Sophia had hers burned from a candle once and they grew back fine
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Yup, those whiskers fall out every now & then. Kitties are always leaving little pieces of themselves lying around.
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My cats leave little pieces of themselves on me all the time. Not a single shirt of mine is free of cat hair, especially since Tyran likes to sleep on my clothes from time to time.
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I think they're just like eyelashes - they fall out, they grow back....
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Our cat acutally some how broke one of his and it was bent in a 90 degree angle!!!! That was weird to see. We broke off the end and left what was still in his face. That short peice actually fell out within a week. Their wiskers fall out reguarly and I'm assuming, since this last one just feel out, that if the wisker becomes useless or too worn that's when it falls out. I'm sure it hurt her a little bit but if she didn't yeowl I wouldn't beat yourself up about it.
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It probably stung a bit because the follicles are rich in nerve endings, but they do shed whiskers and it will grow back.
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