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Weird email...any thoughts?

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Hmm...I don't know how to react to this email.

Friday was my SIL's birthday. For the past 2 years I've been horrible with birthdays. Partly due to being overworked in one job and going back to school last fall. Actually I think last spring was the last time I was on top of birthdays.

Well my SIL and I use to be close/good friends. Around the time I began dating fiance we started to grow apart. Mostly it was stuff on my end, such as accidentally posting an auction on eBay at the same time she had something similar posted (we were buddy sellers).

Anyways, I had even called her on Friday evening wishing her a happy birthday and then directed my voicemessage to my brother asking for any festivity details. I dropped a card off in their mailbox yesterday on my lunch. They were over at my parents on Sunday helping with some chores and had dinner then. I couldn't make it because things had piled up at home and I wasn't told about their visit until late Saturday night (even then no time was given for their arrival on Sunday).

Well I just received an email from her thanking me for the card and saying that I didn't miss any festivities just the dinner my mom made on Sunday. That's no big deal...

The part that confuses me is that she Cc'd my brother on it.

I guess I'm partly paranoid because our friendship hasn't been as close the past few years.

I am going to email her back and see if she wants to get together on Friday night for drinks and give her a present. But am I just being ridiculous?????

Thanks in advance!!
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It's hard sometimes to know what is really on people's minds... especially through emails. Sounds to me like she might be more disappointed about her birthday in general than about you. But who knows.

I would go ahead and invite her out. Face to face, you'll have a better chance of seeing what's going on and hopefully fixing things. If you want to renew / maintain the friendship, be a friend to her without worrying too much initially about whether she is a friend to you. If after a while she doesn't reciprocate, back off gracefully.

Good luck.
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she may have cc'd her DH to let him know that she thanked you for the card... I know that I'll tell my DH, "just to let you know, I called & thanked your Gramom for the card" Don't take it to heart...
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It is difficult via e-mail to determine the true intent. I would just call her and casually bring it up. Hopefully she didn't mean anything by it.
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Never assume anything about an email as you can't possibly know what was going on in SIL's mind when she wrote it. So, if the cc'ing makes you uncomfortable, bring it up with her and ask her what that was all about. Otherwise, just simply let it go.
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I did the wussy thing and called my mom to find out if they were mad at me for some reason. She didn't think so...actually she said that my SIL wants to help me plan my wedding.

It's probably like you said Heather...she is letting my bro know that she thanked me.

still I didn't need that while I'm PMSing
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