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Does anyone grow catnip?

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We bought a catnip plant at the pet store last year but it died over the winter. So we bought 5000 catnip seeds so we can start our own catnip garden. I want to plant a few in pots to start out with and eventually start a garden outside once the seeds get going. The only info I've found online says that they need a good amount of sun but it doesn't matter if they get lots of water or very little. Does anyone grow catnip, and what does it take to get them growing and keep them alive?
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We had some in the garden before we moved to the house and we do nothing with it (except give to the cats) and it keeps coming back - it is very hardy.
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We planted it out back and it grows like a weed...it's huge...we have done nothing with it since we planted it...it comes back every year and has spread around.
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yea, it's one of those types of plants that you can do almost nothing to and it'll be fine.

I had purchased a starter catnip plant last year, planted it and within 2 hours one of the neighborhood cats ripped it out of the ground and took it away. They left nothing behind except the hole I dug.

So this year I may skip the nip.
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Ann (Anakat) posted me a cutting, and told me just to plant it in a pot, because apparantly like Helen said it takes over. I've snipped off quite a few leaves since i potted it to dry out because it's really took off in the pot
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I planted one in my enclosure this year. Then I read online how they grow like crazy so not really sure what to expect. My cats ate half of it but the other half is still alive and growing.
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I've never grown it before because Twix has NO reaction to it whatsoever. (I do grow Bee Balm which makes her go crazy, though I don't suppose that would help you! )
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