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the roll and wiggle

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just curious...

what does the "roll and wiggle" thing cats do mean? coco will hop up on the bed and roll and squirm around like crazy looking at me adoringly. it's cute and of course i start petting her. is that her goal or is she just claiming the bed with her scent. on the rug she will roll and push herself forward with her back legs. it's hilarious!
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My girl kitties will roll and wiggle when they are in heat!
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Teresa - we call it the Sexy Kitty Wiggle Dance when they are in heat and wiggle like that! LOL

Although, my neutered boy wiggles around like that sometimes too. He's just a silly kitty who likes to wiggle and usually is asking for loves when he does it.
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My Fifi does this kind of wiggle. Thing is she has to stand under things to do it. She'll be under a desk, chair or table, and she kind of does this hopping from one back foot to another which results in this great wiggling effect.

She is spayed, but I think she is just such a lovebug and wants constant cuddles. And when you rub the base of her back, just up from the tail . . . maaaannn. She just goes all gooey and daft.

Silly kitty!
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she's spayed. must be an affection thing. though it really does make Ed wonder...
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Ivo has a "sexy stretch". She'll flop down on her side, stretch to her full lenght, relax and look at me, and repeat until I massage her back. She's definately got me trained-she doesn't like to be massaged most of the time.
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Suki wiggles, we call it her ballerina dance. She falls over and starts wiggling on the rug, tis so cute.
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One of mine does that, only one wiggle. Its my cats way of telling me she missed me. When I come home from work she dives at my feet, rolls over and wiggles ones for me to rub her belly.
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Jedi does that too! We call it the "Stop, Drop and Roll"! :laughing2 :laughing2

He also does what we call the "Flip and Nip". :tounge2: This is where he wraps his paws around my wrist or ankle, flips over completely and then nibbles on my fingers or toes!

So cute!!!
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flip and nip -- that's great! LOL!

Ed does the grabbing around the ankles thing. If we walk away from him before he's done lovin' -- he grabs your leg and holds on like a desperate child.

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