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Execution today

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Its about time! Now, if we can just start on the OTHER 111, on Arizona's death row.

I particularly want to see this creep dead:


I had some peripheral involvement in this case (my late husband was one of the search coordinators, when Vicki disappeared) and I watched his trial, gavel-to-gavel.
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Wow. Those are some intense murders. People like that do deserve the death penalty.

After Fiance had his life threaten a few years ago by a previously convicted man (for murder) there are days I think that the death penalty should be reconsidered in Michigan. There are some people here that just don't think, they kill. We need less of those.
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Glad their sentences will finally be carried out. 20 years is too long. And a college education for the one. That is crazy. I believe we should help those that will be released but the ones on death row have no future. Why should we waste $$ educating them before we kill them?
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The second one has a wealthy family. His father is a retired Air Force general, who became vice-president of an aerospace company. They paid for one of the most expensive defense lawyers, in AZ for his trial.

At the time that Atwood came here and killed Vicki, he was on parole, for a child sex offense. California released him from a mental institution because he "was not amenable to treatment". In other words" "we can't 'cure' him, so we'll turn him loose, to prey on other children". He was nominally in the custody of his parents. They bought him a sports car and provided him with money.

One of the exhibits, at his trial, was letter that he wrote to a gay lover. He wrote that he was "looking for a child to molest" and "this time, the child won't talk" (italics mine). Even 20+ years later, this case disgusts me.
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Originally Posted by katl8e View Post
California released him from a mental institution because he "was not amenable to treatment". In other words" "we can't 'cure' him, so we'll turn him loose, to prey on other children".
That is just sick, sick, sick.

I remember several years ago when Michigan cut funding for several mental institutions in the state instead of relocating the patients, they just set the loose (more particularly if they couldn't locate the family). There are just way too many crazies walking around the areas by where the institutions where.
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i agree, that is ver sick, Why realse him when they even admit they can not cure him
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What we need is a justice system and laws that put true criminals like these behind bars permanently, and rehabilitates petty offenders (shoplifting, breaking into cars, fraud, minor drug offenses etc) instead of putting them in prison where they become more likely to reoffend.

I had a conversation one day with someone who thinks of prison in a radically different way than I do, and which has changed my opinions. The point of jail is to remove people from society. Not punish them. As so many have proven over and over, they're impossible to punish. We should be shunning them, it shouldn't matter if they're dead or not because they're dead to everyone else. And no, that doesn't include degrees or marriage (:censor::censor::censor: married him anyway?) One of our major mistakes is putting people who can be rehabilitated with people who never will be.

As for the institutions being shut down... JFK did that as president. There was a huge mental institution in Dayton and they just closed it one day. And suddenly there were hundreds of insane homeless people. And almost overnight Dayton became what it is now, instead of wht it was when my parents grew up there. Bad news.
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hehe i wonder, what would happen if go back to the use of public shaming for lesser crimes.
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I wish we would bring the death penalty back
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I wish judges and anyone envolved with carrying out sentences knew what it was like to lose their own child to murder. It's wrong that they can choose to put people back on the streets and put more children at risk.
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