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Does this sound crazy

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Cocoa our lab has been having accidents at night only in the same spot, tomarrow we are going to rub scrub, now it happened 3 days in a row, heres the funny thing, he is in and out all day everytime he hears a noise he runs to the door! And I let jasmine and him both out at night well late night lol! And last night I let him out then let him back in, I come upstairs do some school work which i might add I sent to the wrong teacher but anywho he went in his "spot" while I was upstairs

Now my mom thinks that he knows she is leaving we have been preparing and o my, tomarrow is going to be nuts but thats been the hot topic since she is going in on wed for her surgery, so she thinks he knows that she is leaving for a few days, and my dad has stopped letting them in their room in the morning when he goes to work, but he started that like 2 weeks ago!

These accidents are happening late night and started towards the end of last week! Now we are monitoring him because I say its a UTI, but my mom thinks he is mad at her does that sound crazy?

Has any one had any experience with things like this?
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The first thing you want to do in a situation like that is have your dog checked out by a vet to rule out a medical condition.Then after that's been ruled out- you might want to crate train your dog (or do it again if it's been a while) so that they get accustomed to house training again.
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I have had a similar problem ever since I got my kitten. I had urinalysis and bloodwork done on my cats at their annual exam only to find nothing wrong. Someone just keeps peeing on the mat right in front of one of their litter boxes. Once you get the all clear from your vet, next most likely culprit is stress.
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