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Black Jack my foster

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One of my new foster kittens Black Jack had to be put to sleep. He was only 6-7 weeks old. He hadwater on the brain disease. Poor little guy had no chance at knowing people were ok and not scarey. HE went downhill so quickly. Run wild and free Black Jack.
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Hope you are holding up well.
Rest in peace, little guy.
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I'm so sorry for your loss. rest in peace sweet one..
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I am sorry to hear that, at least he is not sick any more, and he is healthy now.

RIP Black Jack
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oh my I am sorry to read this

RIP Sweet one, you are in a special place now, have lots of kitty adventures
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Oh the poor baby He's full of health now though over at the bridge

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I'm so sorry the little guy didn't make it

Rest in peace Black Jack and may you know happiness at the bridge that you didn't get to find in life.
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RIP black jack

He is healthy now and he knows you were there to help him.
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Poor baby.

RIP little one
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Thanks everyone. Its amazing how attached you can get in such a short amount of time. Its so sad looking in Calamity's kennel and only seeing 2 little white kittens. I feel bad because I only got one pic of him that all I got. Here it is. Heres kitten with the most black.
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Im so sorry. May the angel RIP. And yes, it is amazing how quickly we become attached.

Go play sweet Black Jack-you are no longer sick and in pain!!
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