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Need help just adopted Cat

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hi..me and my gf just adopted a 1 year old cat from a family whos mother was allergic. the cat was a little girls cat and by the looks of it sorta scared it. anyway when we brought the cat home the first thing it does is hide. it hides under the couch, bed, dressers all day. the only time we see it is when my gf finds it and picks it up and we pet it and feed it and it looks so happy and purrs and lies on us. then it randomly just runs away. ive read that its not good to pick up the cat when its hiding but if we didn't it would just hide there all day. it doesndt even leave to eat or use its litter box. i need suggestions
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Welcome to TCS!

It's not uncommon for cats to hide from new people. Just give it time and eventually (s)he will get used to you and before you know it, (s)he will be following you around looking for attention.
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I'm so glad you found us! Welcome to the site... and thank you for bringing that kitty into your home.

Tiger is right -- a cat is likely to remain skittish for quite awhile in a new place, with new people... especially if the previous home was upsetting to her in some way, as homes with children certainly can be. Don't force her or make her feel pursued... but when you feed her, for example, you may be able to stay beside her, talking quietly and keeping her company for awhile. Once she's accustomed to that, you can try petting her shoulders gently while she eats.

Food + affection. That'll win her over!

There are lots of threads and stickies here and in some of the other forums that will really help you with a new cat -- but we all love to answer questions, too, so please ask anything that comes to mind. And if you have pictures of your kitty, we'd love to see her!
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Congrats on your new addition and welcome!

I agree with everyone else, it is normal for her to be skittish in a new home. Give her time to explore on her own terms. Once she is out of hiding, petting her is fine but if she doesn't feel comfortable coming out I wouldn't force her. If she knows where her food and litterbox is, she will come out when she is ready. Talking to her is a good thing, even if she is hiding. It will get her used to the sound of your voice and make her feel more comfortable. Have you tried to coax her out with toys? Don't worry, she will eventually feel safe enough to take over your whole house! Keep us posted.
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