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High White Blood Cells & Slightly Elevated Liver Enzymes??

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Hi everyone!

I am hoping someone can help me. I have been noticing for a couple of weeks now that my girls' litter remnants have changed. Everything has been a little smellier and there has been more urine and fewer poops. Then, my Layla threw up Thursday night and Friday morning. That was the sign to go to the vet. She drew blood from both of the girls and Stevie has a high white blood cell count and a slightly elevated liver enzyme count. I dropped off a litter sample to them tonight and the vet said if she doesn't see anything in the fecal matter that we are going to put them on a bland diet.

I wanted to make sure there is nothing else I should be doing for my girls. What does everyone think about this process? Also, what is a bland diet? I try to feed them quality food and I don't what that to be sacrificed.

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I can't answer all of your questions, but a "bland" diet per the vet is usually Hills (science diet) I/D. Plain boiled chicken and rice would be a bland diet too. I'm not sure what your vet had in mind...probably the i/d. Both would be used short term, especially the chicken and rice since it wouldn't be nutritionally complete.

The bland food can help settle a problem in the digestive system. Unless they've developed a sensitivity to something in their regular food, I would be confident that you could go back to it later when they feel better.

Did the vet seem to think that Stevie probably had an infection of some kind?

How old are your girls?

Has there been any change in their food, at all? What do they normally eat?
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Thank you so much for responding!

She mentioned that it could be a bacterial infection. I think that is why she is testing their fecal matter.

If I do need to place them on a bland diet, I would prefer not to give them I/D. Doesn't it contain by-products?

My girls are about; not 100% positive though. When I rescued them in Jan 2006, the shelter said she thought they were about 1 1/2.

I got caught in the recall, so I switched from Nutro 1/2 dry, 1/2 wet pouch to Natural Balance 1/2 dry, 1/2 wet can (and of course I had the canned food in their recall as well). I also gradually switched their dry food; not the wet though. Could the increased levels be a result of this change?

Thank you again!
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Yes, the dry i/d contains by products...

The wet looks a *little* better

Your vet may have other options, that's just usually the one they use.

I'm not real well versed on the meanings of the blood values. I do think that sometimes a digestive upset from a food change or food sensitivity can turn into a bacterial infection. I'm not sure but it seems that I've read that somewhere.

What did the vet say about the liver enzymes?
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The vet said her liver enzymes were slightly elevated. She does not seem too concerned, but, of course, I am.

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Hello all!

Well, the vet wants them on a bland diet. I am going to feed them boiled chicken and rice in the morning and evening for 4-6 days. Should I puree the mixture?

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Originally Posted by ncarpi75 View Post
Hello all!

Well, the vet wants them on a bland diet. I am going to feed them boiled chicken and rice in the morning and evening for 4-6 days. Should I puree the mixture?

at least to a canned food consitancy .... if chn and rice doesnt fly ask about hambuerger and rice or potato instead of rice
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Thanks sharky!
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Hi all!

Well, they have not eaten all day.... I even tried baby food! The vet said it's okay for now and to call tomorrow after work to let her know the status. She does not want them not eating for 2 days straight. I am so worried though! I want to feed them their regular food now. I feel so bad for them. They are definitely hungry. Is this something I should be worried about?

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I think at this point, I might just smear a tiny bit of their usual food on that chicken/rice puree...see if you can get them to taste it.
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Thank beandip! I tried that and i did not work. I am waiting for the vet to call me back. No matter what, they are getting fed tonight!

Hopefully, they are okay though. I am still worried about Stevie's counts but I have to trust the vet, right?

Thanks again!!
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How are you kitties doing? I have been going through something similar here. I have now spent over $1200 in the last 4 weeks. Still don't know what is wrong. I have intermittend diarrhea and anorexia, in 4 of 7 cats. bloodwork is good, fecal smears normal, giardia snap test negative, abdominal x-rays normal. So we are in cyproheptadine to stimulate appetite and flagyl just in case.

Things seem to be improving, but I honestly don't think the meds are doing anything. I think they have some kind of virus. This started after Stomper was at the vets for his dental, I think he brought something home from the vet's.

On to the liver enzymes, did your vet do the heartworm test? My Zoe had heartworms and she had bloodwork that sounds similar to your kitties. I moved to NM from MN and it was difficult to find out what was going on as heartworm is very rare here in the desert...not many mosquitos. On a fluke, since we had drawn Zoe's blood I asked the vet to run a snap test for heartworm and low and behold it was positive. So I did some researching on heartworm in cats and here bloodwork profile fit with heartworm.

This was seven years ago and she is find now. No treatment for heartworm in kitties, although I did use revolution for several years. My other kitty Lily was also infected and she passed due to worm die off.

If you live in an area where heartworm is endemic for dogs and your cats are indoor/outdoor or you notice mosquitos in the house and the cats are indoor only, please get them tested.

Hope by now all is ok and the kits are back to eating and being normal.
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Hi kittymonsters!

They are definitely getting better. I have them eating the following (split between the two):

AM - 1/2 tilapia + 1/4 of 3 oz wet food and 1/4 cup of dry
PM dinner - 1/2 tilapia + 1/4 of 3 oz wet food
PM night - 1/4 cup of dry

They have not pooped today, but they did yesterday. They are peeing twice a day as well. Their pee and poop have also not been smelly; both were very sticky prior to going to the vet. Overall, it seems much healthier.

The vet wanted me to call her Tuesday, so I will ask her if she tested for heartworm. Thank you so much for bringing that to my attention. They are indoor cats and I have not seen mosquitoes in the house, but you never know!

Thanks for the advice!! I will let you know if anything changes and what the vet says!
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