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A Very Unreagle Persian

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This beautiful declawed Persian named Scherazade (Sha-hair-uh-zawd) was put outside by her owners, when the moved away. Luckily, the neighbors called the rescue for help. We ended up having to shave her b/c she was so matted. She's super sweet, loves to cuddle on your neck! We're fostering for now, I'm trying to get DH to let me keep her He calls her a feather duster!

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She's a sweetheart!
I can't understand how people can be so inconsiderate to abandon their companion animals.
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How could you just leave behind such a beautiful loving cat?? I don't get people sometimes. I'm so glad you have her and she's getting all the love she needs from you. I hope you can keep her!!!!
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Look at that sweet baby...People should be beat when they do stuff like that WTH
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I think she's beautiful, even without most of her hair! Poor girl. Her tail does look like it'd be great for dusting though...
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Awww what a sweetie pie..I hate people that are irresposible twits with animals...GRRR
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Aww!! Bless her heart. Shes so purrty!!!

Shame on the idiots that just left her!!
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I hope your husband will agree to let you keep her. She has THE MOST BEAUTIFUL face I've seen on a Persian. I think she's adorable in her Lion cut. I just LOVE those little doll faced Persians. So beautiful.
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She is such a funny looking thing! Just imagine....put outside with no defenses, then shaved nekkid & made fun of by other cats!

I hope if you cannot keep her, you can at least show her what real love means....since her first family obviously did not!
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I just cannot believe that someone could leave their cat outside like that. Especially a Persian - they are so sweet and loveable! I hope she gets a new LOVING family - whoever it is!
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Awww what a sweetie-pie! Tell hubby he can rename her Dusty if you can keep her
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Oh my goodness she's gorgeous! What's wrong with people, theres plenty of shelters out there that would have taken her in All they want is a warm, loving home with plenty of food and water

I hope you can keep the little angel
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Such a sweetie! I don't know how anyone can abandon a pet Especially a persian that's been bred to be a house cat. She could never survive on her own. The rescue told me that my Bella was left inside a house with two other cats and a dog--for days--alone. The owners moved and didn't take the pets with them.

She looks so funny and adorable with her lion cut! I hope you can keep her.
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She's really pretty. Thanks for taking care of her.
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what a sweetheart!!! and look at her little lion cut- too cute!!! i hope she finds a wonderful home
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Oh I hope DH says yes! yes! yes! Unlike the real Scheherazade she probably only has bad stories to tell. She deserves some good ones now...I hope that you can make that happen for that sweet little one!
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