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Two Rescue's Adopted!

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I dropped off my first two rescues Friday to take a "kitten bus" to PetSmart for adoption about 2 hrs out of town. They were my first rescues and my first successful adoptions.

I cried when I dropped them off It was harder then I thought
But I did it, knowing that I could help foster more, if these were adopted.

I even got to be there when one of them was adopted and talk to the new owners. I feel really good about where he's going.
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Oh, good for you for helping those babies until they found a home! I can only imagine how heartbreaking it can be to let them go, but like you said this will open your home up to other cats that need love. Definitely a bittersweet moment, I'm sure. Just remember, because of you those kitties have a chance at a good life!
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It is ridiculously hard to give them up. I still don't feel right about letting my Jade go. But, they go out & find their own purr-fect furr-ever homes. And that in itself is what is so great!
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You did a great job sweetie!!! I have no doubt they will find a wonderful home!!! My shelter has had a TON of successfull adoptions thaks to Petsmart letting us have an area for our adoptable kitties!!
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