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Good news, and bad news...

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Well, the good news is, Mika and Smokie are allowed back down here! The bad news is, I think Mika is pregnant again. Not again! So I am hoping to get money for her spay real quick!! And it has to be soon! Because I have noticed a small belly bulge on her... I don't want her to be pregnant again.. But as long as she isn't spayed she's going to get pregnant! Because I do believe she is probably pregnant. I'll get some pictures of her belly, and all, it might be way too hard to tell though.. Her babies will be 4 weeks tommorrow! Advice on quick money, but I know I have to work for it!! Well, there is good news, and bad news. I didn't mean for the bad news to happen. I promise. She snuck out of the house while I was taking Whisper out, and then I tried to catch her, but she ran away!! Thank you for reading!
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You know, I really applaud you for all you do for these cats.

For quick money....can you borrow some from your grandma & pay her back? What about a lemonade stand(very little girl, I know)? Can you make & sell something like cat toys? That's all I can think of.
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~Again? So Soon? Yikes girly I know you are in a real awful situation...but please call a local rescue and have them come get all these cats/kittens asap. They need to be in a place where there is no room for accidents. So she was staying at your grandma's....how did she sneak out? She would have been kept in a bedroom/bathroom etc with a DOOR so she isnt near a door that leads outside. I know you are young but if you cannot keep these adult cats inside and keep them from being let out they really need to go to a rescue that can get them spayed ASAP!~

~This will be horrible on her to have to go through having babies again and so soon. Its just not healthy or good for her body and mental state. Poor Mika! Where are the cats at now and where are they being kept (such as in the house)? Wherever they are please make sure they stay locked up in a room and not allowed outside. There is no dout in our minds that they will indeed end up pregnant if proper precautions are not taken! Poor girls! I wish I was closer I would take them in myself!~
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Their both in my grandma's house as of now, Smokie has not been in heat yet, and she is locked in my grandma's house. And she will be fine. And so is Mika, they can't get under the doors at my grandma's. And I can't PM you Mom_2_3 I don't have that.. A rescue would be wonderful. And I will take your offer. I do know this isn't good for poor Mika. (Mika was down at our house when she got out) Because she snuck out when I took Whisper out.
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Check the internet for rescues in your area. Sometimes, you can foster the kitty and they'll spay them for you (no cost to you, only to the people who are adopting). Plus, they will look for a new home for her while you care for her. Good Luck
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