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~Vanilla Puddin Never Looked So Good~

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~HAHA Now that I got your attention with the is some cute pics of Puddin' just being cute. How do you gals/guys get the BEST pics ever of your babies? Seems like I cant catch the BEST shots on my camera. Darn slow camera takes a picture like 3 seconds after I see a GOOD SHOT! Sheesh~

~1....2....3...4...Ready for not here I come....(HEE HEE They dont know I was peeking)~

~I swear to tell the trufe...the whole trufe and nuttin but the trufe so help me God~ "I did NOT eated the bug!!"

~So much for I didnt eated the bug! Mom you with that darn evidence...I mean camera~

~Ahhh its so hard being me~
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Very cute pics.
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shes very cute, kinda reminds me of keisha when she was little
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lol oh she is so cute!
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~Im 2 Sexy For This SHoe~

~2 Sexy for this Fuzzy Ball 2~
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oh my heart is melting. What a sweetie! Any good shots I get of Daphne are usually completely accidental. I just start taking photos and end up deleting most. One in awhile, I get a great one

Love your siggie, too. Great looking kids
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awwww, I love her! And her shoe! what a doll. You are doing an excellent job spoiling her! Cat pics are really hard, they move so fast. You have to take lots to get a good one.
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~Thats MY shoes haha my shoe looks HUGE compared to her haha...I DO have a relatively large footie but sheesh next to her you would think I was an OGER!~

~Yea I think I took around 80 pics just to get these couple that I liked.~ Dogs POSE....Cats are like "Get if IF you can"
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~Im 2 Sexy for this BOX~

~Ahh being a Gamer is just exausting! Who says the girls can play them too?~
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She's adorable.
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aww shes soo cute =) very very sweet and i love your signature its cute 2 =)
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Patience. I love the digital camera - even if I take about 15-20 pictures of Charlie, etc. I usually wind up deleting about half of them to find the best. The one with Charlie and eating the pudding - where the cup is falling off the desk in mid air - that's a once in a lifetime shot.

You have to kinda "work" with your kitten, see what holds his attention the best. And it really helps if you have a 2nd person with a feather rather then try it by yourself.
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~My husband works 6/7 days a have alot of things going on after school etc so its normally just me that is GLUED to the camera daily. With the adults....its hard to get pics because they are either sleeping, eating or grooming themselves. They dont get into much. With Puddin its hard because she is like a Jack Rabbit. She isnt still for longer than a second. She is ALWAYS doing something cute but by the time I press the shutter button and it takes the picture she is already on to her next adventure! Even No No's babies are this "ACTIVE". Hubby says she needs a dose of Ridalin (Spelling) for ADHD haha! She is always at FULL speed! Now if I could put her in SLOW MOTION or PAUSE it would be much easier. Hoping she calms down alittle more over the next few months! LETS CROSS OUR FINGERS haha!~
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She's just adorable Awwwww
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What cute pics. He's a real charmer! Love your new siggy too!
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Awwww!! She is adorable!!
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