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Ambulance man saves Cat

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Under the picture is a link to the blog with the story
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Awwww that is so sweet. It's nice to read a story like that.
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What a great story! I'm so glad he was able to help the little kitty. I hope he made it through and was able to be reunited with his owners.
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What a lovely thing to do!
A very lucky kitty, I think it would have been easy to miss a little animal amongst fire and ashes. Sounds like it will all end happily though
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Thats an awesome story!

Glad to see that some people think of animals just as they do humans
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What an incredible and heart warming story!
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What a wonderful story! Interesting blog that guy has too.
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Oh that was just wonderful!
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Awwww! The poor kitty! I'm so glad that ambulance attendant was there and able to help the poor thing. I would like to hear a follow up on the kitty and how she's doing.
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awwwww that just breaks my heart in the good kinda way.
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aww there are some great people out there what a wonderful thing they did
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Awwwww that story made me fill up What an angel that ambulance guy was
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It is nice to hear a good story sometimes
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