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Hi everyone!

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Hello! I am 32, an erotic/erotic horror author and living in London, Uk with my fiance, Chris. We have a black/white male cat called Turner. I have always loved cats and have had them since I was young. Turner came to live with us as his owner was going to be away abroad for a long time so we offered to take him in. He has settled in well but has a habit that we wish to get him out of due to how he was brought up as a kitten. He is about 8 years old.
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Welcome to you, Chris and Turner. This is a great place for information, and everyone is super-friendly. Feel free to jump right in!

Erotic horror author, hmmm? Do you consider your work similar to Poppy Z. Brite, or more along the lines of Laurell K. Hamilton? I'm going to have to check out your website (but not here at work-their really weird about what you can and can't look at).

Anyways, welcome and I hope to hear more from you!

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Welcome to the site Carrie! Appropriate name for a horror author I'm sure you've heard all the jokes. I'm going to have to check out your website as well, but like Christy said, I'll have to wait until I'm at home. Workplaces are funny about that kind of stuff. Even if it's just text, the wrong person sees it, or the IT person checks the sites you've been to recently.... What type of subject matter do you write about? Do you have things published?

Oh yeah, this is a cat site, huh? LOL That's wonderful that you took Turner in when his person went abroad. He sounds adorable, but I'm generally partial to black & black and white kitties. I have one of each.

I'm sure we're pretty tame comparatively, but we are doing a mystery story in the Paws and Reflect forum under the "Let's Make A Story" thread. It starts out as a cute little story about finding a kitty, but the next two parts get more meaty. We are always trying to connive anyone to give their input to the story.
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I just snuck a peek at your website you posted (Bad me! I'm at work! LOL), and obviously you are published! A collection of short stories, wow! Congratulations on getting published, I know how difficult that is.
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Greetings! We're all friendly and "most" of us don't bite!

Hope you have fun here.

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Thankyou so much! I know I will love it here!

E xxx
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Hi Carrie, a belated hello and welcome to you, Chris and Turner from down the M4.

My writing is less creative and more down to earth - amongst other things I do marketing/advertising copywriting so it's great to have a bona fide author in our midst.

Jump on in with comments on any of the threads going - oh, and we'd love to see a piccie of Turner if you have one . . .
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Hi again!

Sorry it took me so long to reply to you all but I have been busy with writing. I will at some point be posting a piccie of Turner; I just have to get one developed! Might take me a while.

I have heard many jokes about the name lol! It is my real name so it was certainly a coincidence that I like horror. I am new to writing in the genre but I think I have a better feel for it than crime which is another of my favourites. Erotica has always been my preference too so it made sense to mix them together. I have yet to find my own writing style as I am still learning. I am proud of what I have achieved so far though but that is due to alot of hard work. I have had more opportunities in London than elsewhere which i am grateful for too. My homepage url has changed to my own domain which is http://www.hentracks.co.uk It is at its basic layout at the moment but I will be always adding and changing things to it. I will look at the story too when I can find the time and who knows I may add my bit on too.

Take care all

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Nice to see you back

I love a good horror film, Blair Witch was over hyped slightly and I feel asleep. The first Hellraiser was very good, then the sequels seemed to go downhill. We need some really good horror films, not the ones full of computer graphics, they look fake

The Thing is my fave horror film, one of the few I've actually bought, you can actually feel the paranoia, or was that the beans I had for dinner? Humph, could be, lol.

I've done a little writing, but to be honest I'm pretty bad at it. I have a good imagination but very few skills in writing. I wrote a few reviews for a gaming website and they said they were good, but, well I'm lazy when it comes to writing, I'd much rather watch a good film.

Eek I'm rambling again.

Again, nice to see you, to see you, nice!
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Carrie hope to see many more posts of yours!

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