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Cat Nip Party

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A good friend made some of her own cat nip and made it up into little catnip mice
Heres two of my addicts having some fun
Teddy got it 1st

now its getting wet

Dino had a little wrestle with it......look at his zonked out eyes

and this was what it looked like after 20mins party time - poor thing nearly has an ear missing
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I'm glad they liked it
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You're gonna need more of those soon!
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and I bet you now have severely tuckered out kitties on your hands!
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Ginger wants to know where she can get some of those mice made by your friend. She's my little nip fiend.
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How funny is that! Two stoned kitties....more, Mom, more!
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OMG they killed the mouse
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That is too funny
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Poor mousie! See what catnip does to perfectly normal cats - turns them into mousie maulers!
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They've certainly given the poor mouse what for Ann sent me a catnip cutting to grow and it's a big hit with the girls
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They are having such a great time and well my crew agrees with ginger there, were can we get some But look at ur cuties having so much fun

BTW I your siggie
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