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Hey cats!! I just thought it was about time that I thanked you all for the wonderful information you all have given me access to here on the site.

A couple months ago our Chloe was scratching all of our carpet up in our new house!! I came to work one day and was searching the internet for various ideas on how to deal with this. When I first got my cat I decided DECLAWING was NOT going to happen to her.

But then we moved and she was TERRIBLE! I was looking for ideas about buildeing a scratching post (they are so expensive in the store!!) or just looking into whether or not I would go ahead and declaw!!!!

I came to your site and decided, WITHOUT A DOUBT, not to have her undergo that horrific surgery!! I looked through actual pictures of the process and went home to tell my husband, 'you will build me this cat post on your day off'.. and he did... my wonderful MAN!!

You see, I think what did it was knowing that if you declaw, it's like cutting them off to their first knuckle. Well, in January, my husband was in a bad work accident where he actually lost his right index finger down to the first knuckle. I thought of that... X's 9... for my kitty and decided I WILL learn how to train her to her post.

SHE LOVES IT!!! That is where she does her business now and I just wanted you guys to know that it was YOU ALL!!

And I can't tell you how appreciative I am that you all are so friendly. I makes me smile to talk to you guys.

-- Christie and Chloe
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I'm glad everything worked out for the best. Most people these days won't commit to the time it takes to train their cats to use the post. Way to go girl!!!
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I am so happy for you an Chloe. I just wish more people would stop and research things before they jump into such things. I am sure we all feel greatful knowing we reached even just one person.
Sorry to hear about your husband though. I know what thats like. Mine did the same thing working on a crib for our daughter. Of course 1 month after that he stuck a steak knife right through his thumb carving a pumpkin.
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Excellent! I am glad you saved her the pain of declawing.
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It always warms my heart knowing this place helps make a difference! Thank you for not declawing her and for sharing the outcome with us!
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