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Cat's behaviour change

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For some reason, my cat's behaviour has changed around people. She is normally a very affectionate and loving cat. She loved strangers and meeting new people. Lately, she is very skittish around people (besides me and my husband). She doesn't like it when other people pet her and will hiss at people if they try to pet her. I was wondering if has anything to do with her age - she has just turned 1 year old and we changed her food to adult food (From kitten food). She is still loving and affectionate to me and my husband. We are worried that she will not be "nice" to other people who come to our house. She is an indoor cat and has been spayed.
We were wondering if she is being "protective" of me since we found out just about 1 1/2 months ago that I am pregnant. It has only been in the last 2 weeks that she has been acting different towards strangers.
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From my experience, change in mood with cats could be several things. First you want to rule out medical problems. Cats will act strange and change their behavior if they are not well, it is a way of protecting themselves.
The other thing is that yes, sometimes age will have something to do with it. Cats usually develop a personality at a year or so. They can be very shy kittens and then change to be very loving. Or the opposite, which happened in my case!! She's a tortie so that explained it.
Also, yes it could be the change in your body effecting her. They pick up on these things.
Honestly, take her for a check up, if all is fine, start looking into behavior stuff. There is lots of info out there on helping the cats with stress. One book I found very helpful is Cat Be Good by Annie Bruce. I am sure you will get lots more suggestions too.

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Wow! That's the first time I heard about the possibility of a cat reacting to pregnancy. That's facsinating!

Of course, as Sandy said, you should first make sure that she's not expressing any pain or discomfort over a medical condition.

By the way, I'm deleting the double post you made in the feedback forum. This is the right place for this post (I guess the other one was just a mistake).
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