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Soft Paws? Anybody try these??

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If we can get the problems fixed one at a time.

He does not scratch but loves to climb screen doors and windows when he see's a bird.

He wants to go out SO SO badly.

Has anyone had experience with Soft Paws?
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I posted in your other thread, so refer there for addressing of other issues.

I've got soft claws on all three of my cats. They are easy to put on, but I have to wrap Miggy up in a towel burrito style because of his hissing and growling and constant fleeing. If yours is a big cat, I suggest a big towel. My most recent cats were 2.5 yrs old and had never had their claws clipped. Hence the towel. But they've gotten used to it very quickly. In 4 months its gone from a few growls from Petal to none and many growls and hisses from Miggy to a couple. Also, I'm more used to it as well and can do it faster. They lose about 4 claws a week, so it's something you have to keep on top of. Also, I do not put them on their back claws.

As far as the scratching goes, Petal likes to scratch on the side of the sofa ( tweedy material) and the soft claws can still "grip" a little bit on this fabric. But when she scratches on the box spring the soft claws just roll right off without any damage. I think on screening material, the soft claws may still grip a little bit, but he'd be unable to actually climb the screening. If his claws are larger than a medium, though they may not grip at all, as the larger soft claws have more of a blunt tip. Miggy wears a medium and some of his claws really deserve a large, but I just prefer the smaller size for appearance and retraction purposes.

Cheapest price is at
cat and kitten store
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i think they might help. here's a pic showing what they look like after you get them on.

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I also use them. Puff has a habit of jumping on my dogs head. You have to keep checking to see if one has dropped off. But otherwise it's a great alternative. Kota (my dog) says thanks for saving my eyes mommy.
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It appears that these cats are onto us about these "Soft Paws". Luna is an expert at taking hers off. Which reminds me, it's time to check...
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I use Soft Paws on my cat Hammie.

They work like a MIRACLE! And I had serious doubts!

Basically the little plastic 'caps' slip right onto the trimmed claw. You can use them on back claws, too.

They stay on pretty good, IMO. Hammie is very active and one heavy boy (he weighs around 17 pounds). Every now and then the Soft Paw will fall off; but we just pour some of the crazy glue into the Soft Paw cover, and put it back on.

It didn't give him any trouble at all to get used to it, surprisingly enough, because he is a very weird cat. I thought for sure he'd sit there all day long and chew on those suckers. But, he doesn't mess with them. They just naturally fall off once the trimmed claw grows back to it's length.

I bought them from the Soft Paws website; however, any replacements will be through a supplier on eBay that I found!!! Half price!!! I bought purple & blue cuz he has white paws.
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I know lots in here use them. I don't. I just clip nails. I did notice a few of the pedigree cats in the show have them on when judging
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Originally Posted by GoldenKitty45 View Post
I did notice a few of the pedigree cats in the show have them on when judging
I'm surprised they allow that, I don't think your allowed here (could be wrong though ) I'm going to find out, just out of curiosity.
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I bought a pack off ebay for $7 with shipping because I didn't want to spend too much for something I may not like. After I used them I did like them but my kitty sure didn't.....he bit them off within two weeks!!!! He's such a brat and he did notice they were on his claws and hated it. The soft paws or nail caps come in MANY colors, mine were clear. It's worth a shot.
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I am really glad someone asked this. I have been thinking about getting them. I have 4 cats and Falla, on of my females, is a brute. She thinks she owns the place. She is very aggressive. One of our older males, Onyx, is terrified of her. He wont eat becuse if he does Falla attacks him. So we are dealing with that by feeding him alone and often. I wanted to get some and just put them on Falla. I know it sounds mean just putting them on her, leaving her defenceless. I figured I wold get enough to do all the cats just in case the others decided to get revenge I could do them all.
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