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Four of my foster kittens are big enough to be fixed now. Im waiting to here back on when Im supposed to bring them in. Kane, Jayce, KoKo and Selena are all ready. Meeka has been really sick since Saturday with a URI and infection in both her eyes. Poor little girl is sooo sick. Hopefully she will feel better soon. She lost a couple ounces. Little Runt Luna is bigger then her right now. But still has to gain 7 oz. to get spayed. They arent going to spay Skye until Meeka and Luna are big enough to get spayed. Because they are both still nursing alot. So we have to wait awhile for that. Hopefully just one more week.
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Oh sorry to hear that one of the babies is sick. Get weill vibes going out to little Meeka! and good luck with the spay/neuter kids!
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