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Cat plays fetch

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do any of your cats fetch? kevin just started doing it this weekend. he keeps bring this spongy poof ball cat toy back to me, i throw it, he immediately runs to pick it up and bring it back and drop it right in front of me. then he will sit there and look at it until i throw it again. he will do this over and over and over and over........once i caught on i started throwing it right after he drops it and he runs after it right away. its soooo cute and fun. just like having a dog.

it was so funny cause my daughter was gone for the weekend and just got back last night so she didnt know about him fetching. she had her baby rat out and kevin came up on the bed so she threw his ball trying to get rid of him. after while she complained to me "MOM!! HE WONT KEEP BRINGING IT BACK!!!"
lol she didnt realize he was playing fetch, it was so funny. after i explained what he was doing she handed me the rat and started playing with him
really wish i had a video camera.

edited to add: for any of you who remember. this is the same cat whom i adopted when he was 8 months old and very very sick. (thread titled "my new cat is sick" or something like that). hes still a little sick but much much better now. hes 11 months old now.
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Milo will play fetch - used to for up to 1/2 hour but now he is 2 years old and is thinking maybe "I" should try it so he brings the hair tie only half way now!
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i taught heyu to play, but its not something she really likes.
Eazy however did it from the day he moved in here,and still does, almost everyday.
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My PHX also fetches... it's so cute I love it!!!

I think there was another thread on here somewhere... Let me find it.... Oh yes, here it is :

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Many cats will fetch. One of my cats would fetch enthusiastically the first couple of tosses. Then she would bring the toy halfway back, then a quarter of the way back...in no time at all, she had taught me to fetch!
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Mine does. Crumpled paper balls work best
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