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Cat burglar socks it to the neighbours

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This is from a New Zealand newsite I subscribe to. LOL

Cat burglar socks it to the neighbours
27 November 2002

Socks seem to have a natural tendency to go astray, but a Sandringham neighbourhood is experiencing the phenomenon more than usual.

Cat burglar Tisczy has developed a sock fetish that has her owner Patti Wicksteed blushing.

"I feel like the parent of a delinquent. I just don't know what to do about it. It's very embarrassing."

The feline felon has been sneaking out at night for six months, hunting down woollies to bring back to her doting owner.

She drags the socks home clutched between her teeth and proudly deposits them beside Ms Wicksteed's bed.

"That's what it is, presents for mummy. When she comes through the doorway, my heart sinks and I think: 'God, we've got another'."

After dragging home 13 odd and coupled socks, Tisczy's appetite for foreign garments isn't sated. She has also discovered underpants can make a pleasant gift.

Two pairs of men's burgundy briefs and a small child's blue skivvy have been dumped on the growing pile.

Ms Wicksteed phoned the police to find out if anyone had reported missing socks or clothing. She once had a friend who was known to police because her cat was stealing handbags.

The amused community constable said no one had complained of missing clothing matching the description.

Ms Wicksteed's next attempt to find the owners of the stolen articles was dropping fliers in letterboxes around the neighbourhood.

"I'm concerned about it. I don't want some poor kid getting lumbered with the blame."

But no one has come forward to claim the items. "Perhaps they're as embarrassed as I am."

Ms Wicksteed would like Sandringham residents to keep an eye out for a "terminally cute, very kittenish" cat that could be on the prowl for their belongings.
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LOL, that's actually quiet funny. I'm not sure which is worse dirty underware, or a dead mouse??
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Bless her cotton socks!

Reminds me of a cat I heard about that would steal soft toys off children.
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Oh my goodness! :LOL: What a little rascal!
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Oh dear! :laughing: :LOL: :laughing2:
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