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Should be any day for Mushy...

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Today, she took to laying in an interesting position...

She loves belly rubs, but this is just strange for her

She stopped eating on Friday, but started again on Saturday? I was pretty sure she was going to have babies by the end of the weekend, but lo and behold...nothing.
The kittens are moving around wildly! It doesn't seem like they ever stop. I did notice today when I got back from class, that she didn't look pregnant at first. I had to sit with her for a couple of minutes and watch to see if the kittens moved to be sure. They were moving a lot lower in her body than before. All of the way down by her back legs. Maybe they've "dropped" for lack of a better term...
One problem is that she doesn't seem to have taken to any of the boxes that we've set up for her. I have two set up in a closet and one right next to my side of the bed. She doesn't sit in them on her own, and when we put her in them, she stands there for a couple minutes, and then gets right out???
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if she's wanting belly rubs, and thats weird for her, then shes CLOSE. the stray i took in in the winter was preg ( SUPRISE!!! to me,lol). she was loving, then when she got close to birth, was shot of temper. when she was about 48 hours from birth, she started wanting belly rubs,lol. silly girl,lol. now she has 5 day old kittens, and is a awesome mom, and back to loving me up,lol.
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lol that's funny.
she actually didn't like belly rubs at first, then about 4 weeks after we found her, she started to want them... she'd even lay on her side and kind of beg for them...it was cute. Today, as soon as I sat next to her, she full on layed on her back and stayed that way for a good while.
the way i calculated it, is that the furthest along that she can be is 60 days along... but she wasn't in heat when we found her, so I'm guessing she's closer to 61-62.
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usually from what i found, 65 is the magic number, so your close! keep an eye on her, and keep her confined.

keep us posted!!
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wow shes getting very big there, what a position too . i'm very anxious formy kalli too. shes at day 54
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