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Wish me luck!!

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Morning everyone!! So I've been done with school since the 8th but today I am going back in to take a CLEP (College Level Examination Program) exam. It's for 3 credits. If I pass it that is one less class to worry about next year! Plus, I won't be so worried about having all my credits for graduation in May.

Anyways, the test is Intro. to Educational Psychology. It isn't so bad but I only really had a week to teach myself a load of info. I am so nervous!! I already took 2 practice tests in the past 2 days and passed them both but I feel like as each minute passes more info slips away.

I am leaving work at 12 today and taking the test at 1:30. I can not wait for it to be over!! Please send some wonderful TCS good luck vibes!!

Thanks all
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Many good luck <<vibes>> for your test..You will do great!!
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I recall this test and I wish you all the luck. You can do it.
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Panic is really starting to set in right about now. I am leaving work in about 20 minutes and have been kinda busy here so I didn't really get a chance to look over some of the material like I had wanted to

At this point all I can do is cross my fingers and hope that I can remember everything I taught myself in the past week!

I realllllly hope I pass it! I need those 3 credits and I can't afford the $60 for nothing.

I'll know if I passed right when I finish since it's a computerized exam. I'll update when I get home!!!
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Good luck with your test....Breathe and remain calm
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Best of luck to you on the test! I'm sure you'll do just fine on it
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Good luck...I took a Intro to Psych when I was a senior in college...The credit test isnt that bad...Just relax and breath and it will all be ok!!! Good luck!!!!!!!! {{{{VIBES}}}}
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