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Newbie here!

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Hi all! I am proudly owned by a male Creme/Flame Point Himilayan named Tomarra Rajput. We call him Putman. He is 9 yrs old. We lost two of our Himi's recently. My Seal Point male Bindu on March 20th at the age of 10 1/2 yrs and my Blue Point female Kara (Bindu's litter mate) on Nov 11th at the age of 11 yrs. Putman has been very lonely the past 2 weeks, so we adopted a rescue kitty and I am picking her up in about an hour. I am soooo excited! She is between 2 and 3 yrs old (abandoned), has a gorgeous semi long white coat with orange spots. She has yellow eyes and is absolutely gorgeous. She has a wonderful warm personality and will be a perfect match for our Putman. I named her Mystical, Mysti for short.

I am also owned by two 7 mos old coated (I must be nuts with all these long haired pets!) German Shepherd Dogs.

I am looking forward to getting to know you all! Here is a picture of my Putman!

[/IMG] D

Hopefully the above link will work for Putman's picture.
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Welcome to the site! How wonderful of you to adopt a rescue cat as a friend for your Putman. All of your furries sound so beautiful. Unfortunately, it looks like the link to your pic didn't work. The website must not allow remote viewing.

You may want to read this article Let Me Introduce... about introducing new cats into your household. They can be real funny and territorial when you bring in a new arrival.

If you would like, you can share some fond memories of your kitties who have passed over the Bridge in our Crossing The Bridge forum. It helps a lot of people with the pain of losing a companion to talk about their missed pets with people who truly understand the depth of your pain.
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Thank you Heidi for letting me know the picture wasn't showing. It was showing for me. I edited and put in a new link. Also, thank you for the link and for the welcome!
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Betty, Putman is GORGEOUS!! The link works now!
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I'm glad you have found our corner of the net. Enjoy your stay and don't be afraid of posting too many pics. We love pictures of everyone's furbabes!

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Hi Betty - sorry for the belated welcome, great to have you here Putman is a little star!

You'll lucky to have such a beauty in your life!
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Thank you Heidi! I also think he is gorgeous!

Thank you for the welcome Yola and Russian Blue! yes Yola, I am lucky. Besides him being handsome, he is one unusual loving kitty. He accepted our new addition with open paws. It was so cute. He knew she wasn't feeling good (just got spayed then came from the shelter to her new home) so he curled up next to her, cleaned her, watched over her and put one of his paws on her leg. He even gave up HIS bed so she could have a nice fluffy comfortable place to rest. It was the sweetest thing!
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Oh, he sound like an angel. That's really unusual for a cat to welcome a strange cat into its home. If only all introductions were that simple!
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What a sweet kitty! Gosh that just about brought tears to my eyes, picturing the wonderful feline compassion. OK, so I'm a bit of a mush, especially when it comes to cats.
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We welcome you with open paws~

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