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I did it...

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And I never do it! After a horrible wave of nausea last night and a bit of the same this morning, I called out. My co-worker has been on vaca so I've been there through pinkeye and a really sick stomach in the last week and a half. Come to find out she spent the last half of her vacation throwing up herself!

So I'm home with TCS for the day! I just hope I'm not hanging over anyplace in particular. I've had a few students with a similar sounding 24hr bug so lets hope that's all. I really do have things I need to do at the office.
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Oh gosh, nausea will put you down faster than anything. You're right to stay home! Do you have some plain soda crackers you can nibble on? They really help settle things down for me...
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join the gang... I just left my retail job this morning because of nausea and back spasms. granted, I was only cashiering (i.e. mostly standing there) but when the pain and discomfort make tears well up, that's when I know it's time to head home. I had to get two managers to take notice. Found someone else to do registers until the closers show up and then clocked out. I hit the grocery store heading home (was planning on it anyway, and now I really needed to). Picked my usual stuff plus some Activia yogurt and a box of Nauzene chewables. started to feel better after chewing on a couple of those... still have the icky feeling, but I'm home, instead of in the public eye.

Oh bother... I forgot cereal. Ah well... I got bread... I can make toast.

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My back was spasming last week. That's mostly back to normal. I'm sorta feeling better but still icky. The weird part to me seems to be that the hungrier I am, the more nauseous I feel. What's up with that?
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