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Geezzz they just dont quit!!! lol

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OMG!!! Im just sitting here reading through the threads and Cali and Trotter just wont stop wrestling..Right now Im trying to seperate them because they are climbing up my head to get to each other....Arrrghhhh...LOL...I dont keep them downstairs because I still dont trust the boys to be with them alone. Cali is the instigator, she just lovessss to wrestle with the other cats..However Herc and Lil Man wont have ANYTHING to do with this, they just smack her in the head and walk away. However Trotter doesnt take her crap anymore and now he growls and wrestles back with her... Its so funny to watch until Trotter runs away and climbs up to sit on my shoulder. Cali follows him right up and he ends up on my head hiding from her. Even this doesnt stop her she runs right up to join him..I feel like a kitty jungle gym!!! Anyone else have this "issue"....Im going to start getting on Daves butt to finish building a kitty gym for them. We have tons of carpet now from the living room we can use to cover wood and he wants to make stairs and ramps for them to play on. Its just a matter of finding somewhere to stick it without it being in the way...
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O my Stormie and Blue just wrestle each other non stop, they both start it with each other though randomly and its so funny because they just chase each other around the house But they sometimes do play way to rough with each other luckily they dont jump on me during this but did i mention my dog doess and I have 2 labs so when they play cocoa tends to hide from Jasmine (hes usually the one who starts it too ) And ya he weighs more than me! But usually Bella is on my lap, and no one messes with her and he mama Its funny because her and Blue are always racing each other just to get on my lap Bella used to wrestle but doesnt anymore, she rather sit on my shoulder I swear I dont get a minute just to myself

Sometimes though Tessa joins in on the wresteling and she is too funny but thats rare any more because its always just blue and stormie playing Funny thing, Stormie hated Blue when she came here, but a month later we are wrestleing and it consumes most of their up time

Ur kittie gym sounds just wonderful too thats such a great idea I wanted to make them a kittie gym I just dont have the patience
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