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Spay day for Tinkerbell

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Tinkerbell gets spayed today. I haven't done this in a while, and I'm really nervous. I was just wondering if anyone could spare some good vibes for for my sweet Tinker? I'd really appreciate it!

Her appointment is at 8:00 AM.
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Glad to hear she is getting spayed Sending her vibes that everything goes well and for a fast recovery.
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Awwwww..... lots of good vibes for her.
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Hope everything goes ok fingers crossed xxxxx
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Sending tons of vibes to Tinkerbell.
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Hope all goes well
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Lots of spay day vibes coming your way! I hope everything goes well...
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Everything went well she is now sleeping.

Thank you so much for all the vibes.
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Sorry Tina I missed this thread ........... Im glad everything went good. I will send some additional "heal quick" vibes ..........

When are you going to post pics of Tinkerbell? I bet shes grown so much. And pics of the rest of your babys too!
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glad to hear it went well! i'm going to be getting my kitty spayed soon too.
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Oh Tina...I am just seeing this...I'm so glad she did well...Bless her heart
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