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I've posted that Sassy passed away last week. I had also posted that she had not been herself during that time.
One day, I saw that there were bird feathers in the backyard. A day later, I noticed that she looked bloated and depressed. Ther eyes looked kind of glazy. That night, she didn't eat.
She just didn't look well.
I took her to the vet but she didn't tell me if she was poisoned or had indigestion. She did give her antibiotics.
If she didn't know what was wrong, why would she give meds? There were no signs of pain nor fever. She just said that she noticed something about her breathing.
On Wednesday, she was there on the street. She looked intact.
If there was no need for an antibiotic and she was given a shot of it and also the drops, could this have damaged her?
If she was the one who ate the bird, could she have been contaminated?
It is so frustrating because I don't know why she passed away.
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I'm sorry to hear about Sassy.
Unless you have a necropsy (autopsy) performed, it's really hard to say what happened. She could have been very sick and hid it, or she might have been hit. It could have been poison as well. Often, rodents are fed poison and they don't die right away. Maybe she ate a mouse or the bird she ate might have had a disease or had poison in it's system.

Did the vet perform any tests on her? You may want to get your other cats checked, just in case she had a disease or if they might have been exposed to poison. You may also want to limit their exposure to the outdoors.

There are many dangers with having your cats outdoors. I have had indoor/outdoor cats before and it definitely affected their life spans. I felt at the time that they were happier being able to go outside but my indoor cats are happy too, so I don't know.

It's a hard choice we all have to make. I am very sorry for your loss.

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