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Coccidia and it's effects......?

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I have two foster babies, 6 weeks. Both came in with Coccidia, and I've been treating with Albon. One is doing great and has soild stools, the other still has diarrhea and now and inflamed bum hole. Husband called it "protruding anus"

I wash him frequently, to clean off the diarrhea and tonight I started putting A&D ointment (for diaper rashes on babies). It looks painful. Any other suggestions you guys have for this? I've contacted the Rescue he's in but was looking to see what you guys thought too. He's eating well, playing hard, all the normal kitten antics.
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Water will irritate it, take a warm, damp rag and press it gently several times to clean up the kitten's bottom.

Coccidia is a nasty monster, it hangs around so keep giving the medicine and be sure you push fluids, this monster dehydrates babies quickly. Desitin is better for the sore bottom. They even now have Desitin baby wipes.
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my tigger had that when he was little. He was so sick that the vet wouldn't start his baby shots until we got it cleared up. poor little thing actually pooped blood.

I can't remember the medication, but I did everything the vet told me, and I cleaned the litter box, and floor with bleach water everyday, I think it's contagious (?)

He did get ok, 11 now, and fat and sassy.

hope your babies are ok too.
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Thanks for the info. Dehydration was a big deal 24 hrs after I got him. I ended up having to take him to get sub-Q fluids and he bounced back with that. I bought infant wash cloths in hopes that they are as soft as possible. Today his bum looked a lot better. Still prolapsed, but not as inflamed or red. Poor little guy. He's also got goopy eye, which I'm treating too. He's got nasty stuff coming out of both ends

He'll be better soon!
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