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what breed of cat is this pictures included!!

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i was told he looks like a seal point ragdoll kitten what do you think she is?
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I am not familiar with those kinds of colors some kind of lynx coloring I think they call it. Someone here will know. But the kittens hair is short imo so she is not a ragdoll. She is a domestic shorthair and someone will add her color for you.
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I agree with the seal lynx point; but think it will be more shorthair then longhair when grown. Probably doesn't have "ragdoll" in her What's her name? How old?
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well i havent found a name for her yet i just got her yesterday, i found her outside in a tire at my moms boyfriends auto shop in 90 degree weather and there was no way i could leave her, and my moms said the cats mom gave birth to her about 6 weeks ago and now her mom left her i guess to jsut be on her own, so i guess around six weeks im not evn sure if its a her but she looks like it down there ya know?? any tricks on being able to tell if she is a girl?? lol. shes such a sweet kittten and loves to play.

oh yea how do i clean her ears there alittle dirty?
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Sometimes its hard to tell when young. But the female would sorta look like an upside down explanation mark while the boy would be more of 2 circles and you should see signs of the testicles. But when they are young, the testicles are very small.

As far as cleaning ears, you can use a q-tip if careful or a small cotton ball (dampened - not soaking wet).

I'd take the kitten to the vet to be checked out and the vet will tell you the sex.

Whatever it is, plan on spaying/neutering by 3 or 4 months old.
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I don't know what she is but she is just ADORABLE! as for sexing here are some pics to help
Sexing the Kitten

In kittens younger than about two weeks, it is often difficult to tell their sex. Even competent rescuers and vets can be fooled! A female kitten will have what looks like an upside-down exclamation mark, whereas a male will look more like a colon. Also, the male's urinary opening is lower than the female's and he will also have a little lump between his anus and this opening. This will later become his testicles. Another way to tell is gently squeeze the urinary opening. If the tip of the penis appears, there's your answer!


You could also post some pics of her private parts for us to try and determine. And thanks for taking her in that was very kind of you!
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aww thanks its a GIRl yayayayayayay i wanted it too be a girl im soo happy thank you sooo much =)
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