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Consumer Opinion Panel Surveys

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I am part of a consumer opinion panel and what they do is send you surveys once in a while and sometimes they will send you a product to test (FREE!). They have sent me a letter today to see if anyone I knew would be interested in joining. Its all worth it, I have tested several products which have yet to come out in stores and its also fun testing them! They also send a little gift. Sometimes they have a sweepstakes and you can win cash prizes of $1000.

The website to this is:


It costs nothing to join and might as well as get free stuff while you are at it. The only string is that you have to submit your opinion, which doesnt take much time.

Kellye (c:
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Thanks for the heads-up! I just joined.
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Thanks...I just joined too! It kinda sounds fun...
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I love this kinda stuff! I joined too!
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I stopped doing theirs. You have to go through all this annoying stuff at the end. I like Harris Poll a lot, you get points. I've earned a magazine subscription already. I won $500 from www.tvviewercouncil, and I do some other survey places, I will post them later.
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Really? I didnt know that, what kind of annoying stuff do you have to do?
I sure am interested in those other polls that you do (c:

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At the end of each survey, there is like 3 pages of "special offers" that you have to go through, and on each page a few are checked that you have to uncheck. It's still kind of fun though, I just don't do many of those.

I may be thinking of the wrong one. I use a different account for all that stuff to keep my email addresses separate, and on this MSN browser I have to actually sign out.

Later I'll check to make sure that's the one I'm thinking off and get the other places.
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I havent seen it on that one, I just answer questions about products and sometimes they send me some products, right now I am testing one. But I havent seen anything about specials that you check, I have seen it on other websites though.
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You know, I think the one I am thinking of has a similar name, but is a different one. Something like Opinion Surveys or Consumer Opinion Surveys.
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I just joined, too!!! Thanks Kellye!
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