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At what age do kittens shed fur?

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At what age (in weeks) do kittens shed fur? Do I need to brush fur off kittens? Let's say for 1) shorthair domestic and 2) longhair domestic.

And how much fur would they be shedding a day/week anyway, say up to 6months (or up to adult size)?


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You would definitely need to brush each kitten regularly to get them used to it. Especially a longhair as they mat. I'm not sure when a kitten molts, or how much, I guess it depends on the season & type of cat. Blossom my 8 mth old doesn't seem to have molted much since we've had her although her coat has gone through a few changes.
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You won't get any shedding at this point BUT the kittens should be used to getting groomed with a comb/brush at a young age. That's why 4 month old kittens in a show are so good with grooming - they've been groomed starting at 1 or 2 months old
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My Nowegian shed his kitten coat (and what a lot of it!) at age 15 months. You should, as everyone else has said, get the kittens used to daily grooming as soon as possible!
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my Wellington seems to have a huge maine o the lower part of his body which is really fluffy and thick looks like baby fur ,his tail is really fluffy i am sure he will be a long haired cat but i will be sad to see his baby fur go :(

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his fluffy fur starts at his face down his front continuing down his belly and hind legs and also on his back an upwards then it stops at his front legs where is black glossy fur which continues down his front legs, and his front lets are black glossy fur with white paws, i think he is losing his baby fur i am really sad, but i am hoping his tail stays bushy 

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