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?s about new 6 week kitten

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yay i got another kitten today she is 6 weeks, so at six weeks what do i need to kno to care for her? can she just eat reglar wet food adn water or does she need kmr? and since i found her she was wild does she know how to go potty byherself? i just fed her water and wet food adn she loved it =) now she is laying on my bed in blankets cleaning herself..

if anyone could tell me about anyhting i need to care for her at around or a little more than 6 weeks i would really appreciat it =) thanks alot
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I would get some KMR and give too her. She would still be nursing if she was with her mother. I would put her in her litter to show her where it is. And remind her remember she's just a baby. And make a Vet appointment for her shots, and check to see how old the vet will spay her some will do it early. My Vets does it at 14 weeks. Good luck! Remember this is my opinion I'm sure others will give you some good advice also.
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myfirstragdoll has given you some good advice. at 6 weeks there normally learning from their mum and still nursing from time to time, a good quilty kitten food wet and dry should be offered you can leave the dry food down for her to free feed on and give the wet 3-4 times daily, you can make up some kmr and put it on a plate/bowl for her to drink , but also make sure there is plenty of fresh water down. about 12-15 mins after eating put her in the litter box and do a scratching motion with her front legs , she should get the hang of it , if she does have an accident just put the remains into the litter box so she can smell it.
she will need a vet check just to make sure she is in good health and to book for her injections , they should worm her and flee her while there.

thank you for taking her in. keep us updated and remember pictures lol
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yes i plan on making an appointment for her this week, but if she had worms would i be able to tell on my own? on not?
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sometimes but not always , they should be womred regardless at this age anyway as they can be born with them , plus the fact she was found outside.
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