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Dealing with the loss

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Ill start off from the beginning, I was never allowed a cat so as soon as I moved out on my own I went to get one. In 2000 I saw Manny and knew he was the one. 6weeks old and beautiful. He was a very energetic outgoing cat and no cat messed with him in our neighbourhood. In 2004 We went away for a few days my mom was going over to the house to check up on the cats. We also had a little girl catwho was about 3ish. When we got back we found Shy, (girl) acting weird so I took her to the vet, she was very sick and the vet was pretty sure she had been poisoned probably by antifreeze. I had to put her down..(horriable) Manny acted funny after that. He would always look for her.. A few months after that we moved and a few weeks after that we went and got another kitten because Manny would not stop meowing.. It was bad and numerous people along with vets told us he was pining. They didn;t hit it off right away but soon Manny got used to Zoey. But Mannys behaviour just kept getting worse. Were we moved from was a rural area to town. Lost of traffic which he wasn't used too. He started walking funny, like his ass end would always wobble. Sway from side to side. He also appeared like he couldn't see or hear sometimes and then other times he was fine. It always seemed like it would take him a few minutes to clue in. He started puking just about everytime he ate but he was a 16 pound cat.. By no means small. He looked like a racoon, size and markings. I changed his ffod he seemed to get better and then he would start up again but not as bad. Then the other day he started leaving little pee marks everywhere, and he was hiding which he never did. I took him in yesturday to find out that he had a blockage. It could be fixed but the vet said within the first couple days it could happen again and a 60% chance that it would within the first two years... With all the problems that he has had we told the vet and between her and my husband they said it boils down to his quality of life and there wasn't much. He never played, he just ate and slept. We ended up putting Manny down. He was just turning 7 this June. I am dealing with guiolt right now. I dont know how to handle it. I keep saying to my husband was it the money? And he said you of all people know it wasn;t it was the fact that he was not a healthy cat and that it took this happening to do what we should have done a long time ago. I miss him so much. We had taken him to the vet less than a year ago and had blood work done which came back negative. Along with a urine sample. The vet then said it appears he suffers from some neurological problems. The vet yesturday said that with his ass end that it could be something on his spine and eventually e could become paralysed. But all speculation because there were no tests to confirm . I just feel horriable. Sorry this is such a long thread and I really hope someone can reply on this. Share a story with me. I just feel like I just got rid of him, gave up. How do you put a price on a living creature. I wish I could see him again back when he wopuld run and play like a normal cat. Now I have all this memories of yesturday seeing him in so much pain. Yet he hide it so well. Hes baldder was the size of a grapefruit yet he made no noise...I knew something was up with his hiding...
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I am sorry for your loss, he is now healthy and in no more pain.

RIP Manny
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The poor baby, i'm so sorry As hard as this was for you, you made sure Manny had a quality of life by not letting him suffer, but don't worry, when the time is right you will see Manny again over at Rainbow Bridge where he's now healthy again

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If he wasn't enjoying life due to his health problems then you did the right thing. A 7 year old cat should still be enjoying hunting and running and being ruler of all he surveys. It sounds as if he had a lot of problems that meant he couldn't enjoy his life to the full and they weren't going to get any better - so please don't feel guilty. You showed him the ultimate kindness by letting him go, because you cared for him and loved him.

Rest in peace Manny
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I'm so very sorry for your loss.

Rest in peace Manny.
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I'm so sorry for your loss.

RIP Manny
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