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This is an update for this thread

Max's nose was a little worse today....the mucus on it earlier had a bit of a yellow colour, so now I'm considering whether there might be an infection. Still not much's only there once in a while. The swelling was down earlier, but is still there. He still has no other symptoms, no coughing, normal drinking/eating/bathroom/activity habits. However, I've noticed that it's starting to happen to his other nostril now. He isn't rubbing it a lot, so I don't think that's causing the irritation. The only possibility for rubbing was that I noticed Addie head butting his nose. He didn't seem to mind, so I assume it's not painful.

I wish the vet was open tomorrow, but I guess he'll be okay until tuesday morning as long as it doesn't start bothering him and he doesn't show other symptoms.

Here are some pictures:

Max's right nostril. Note the swelling and slight redness.

A close up view:

Here you can see where it's starting on the left nostril. If I lift that area apart, it runs into the nose a little bit, so that spot is bigger than it appears.