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Am I a mean cat mommy?

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I am unsure where to post this so....i will post it here....

Ok Ping is a love bug but mainly at night once the kids go to bed. Other than that during the day he sleeps in my son's room under or on his bed. And he will only come out to eat or go potty. Not that thats a big problem or issue but I would like to see him out and around the family unit during the day a little more. So here for the past couple of days I have kept that bedroom door closed but all others are open. So for the past few days he has been chilling with the family. Laying on the couch or on the top of it, stretched across the floor, just generally with the family more. He does not seem to mind that door being closed its not like he is laying in front of it or anything. I am just wondering if its mean to close that one room off so he is around us more?
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I dont think thats mean. It seems like as long as hes comfy around thre family. his going in the room and sleeping there coul just be his choice of place to sleep. My kitties all have their fav places to sleep too.
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No, not at all. If he was distressed, or yowling a lot and desperately trying to get into your son's room, then I would suggest keeping that door open, but if he seems to be quite happy hanging out with the family, then that's great!!
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I don't think thats mean of you. As long as he's calm and comfortable he should be fine.
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It's not mean as long as he's not stressed out about it. You just want to visit with him more!
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